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The product comprises several grades such as 68, , , , , and according to its kinematic viscosity at 40ºC. Heavy-Duty Open Gear Oils. Gear oil is graded according to several factors. · SAE only uses grading numbers of 60 and above for gear oils. · Multigrade gear oils that meet multiple grades. Now, the most common grades for Gear Oil used are SAE Grades (for less-industrial or automotive) and ISO Grades (for industrial applications), these two are. SAE grade is defined by the Society of Automotive Engineers to rate oil viscosity (thickness) which is the oil's resistance to flow. Thinner oils perform better. Gear Oil Products Extreme pressure additives for long gear life, available in various viscosity grades. Synthetic gear oils that reduce energy and.

There are viscosity grades from 32 to 1, •. Alphasyn EP: a PAO oil for applications requiring extreme pressure performance as well as a low pour point, long. LUBRIPLATE PGO-FGL Gear Oils are considered to be inherently biodegradable according to test results from ASTM D/OECD B. Suitable Application Areas. The. Gear Lubes use a designation such as 75W to indicate the viscosity grade. The 75W is the winter rating and it establishes the cold weather performance of the. Former AGMA viscosity classification for gear oils. For example, AGMA 5 gear oil viscosity is equal to ISO VG Please note that EP, R&O and C (compound). The numbers in the middle will most likely look a bit more familiar. These are ISO Viscosity Grades, American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) grades, SAE. Available in ISO viscosity grades , , , , and SYN LUBE HD % Synthetic, ISO grade, polyalphaolefin (PAO)-based worm gear oil. ISO VG stands for "International Standards Organization Viscosity Grade" and is a number ranged from 2 to Equivalent Viscosities of ISO-VG Grades at 40oC. A gear lubricant and an engine oil having the same viscosity will have widely different SAE grade designation as defined in the two classifications. Automotive. The SAE grading system indicates oil viscosity in simple numbers ranging from the thin oil (10) to the very thick oil ( or above). Heavier weight, or higher. Eastern Petroleum are Manufacturers and Suppliers of Industrial Gear Oil. Industrial Gear Oil are blended from highly refined Base Stocks and are fortified. There are viscosity classes from SAE 65 to SAE The classification is based on the kinematic viscosity (measured in mm²/s) at °C. The higher the number.

Gear Oil Grades - If you are looking for a gear oil that can protect your gearbox and/or transmission, first you need to make sure that your gear oil. Three new viscosity grades – SAE 65, 70 and 75 – were introduced and the limits for grade SAE 80 have been adjusted to tighten the broad kinematic viscosity. The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) viscosity grading system for engine oils consists of “W” grades that define low temperature viscosities and “straight”. PennGrade 1® Multi-Purpose 'Classic' Gear Oil GL-4 SAE 80W is recommended for use in such time-honored traditional manual transmissions as those made by. Classification of Industrial Gear Oil Types ; EP Type. Mineral oil containing extreme pressure agent as additive. Gear oil for enclosed gear unit uses naphthenic. A multi-purpose extreme pressure multi-grade gear oil formulated to protect seals and minimize wear against gear shockloading. Available in a variety of ISO. SAE J (Gear Oils): Again, the classification is based on the lubricant viscosity measured at low and/or high temperatures. The high temperatures values are. The most commonly specified and available type of automotive gear lubricant in North America is API GL-5 and for manual transmission applications API MT In. Primetals Gear Oil Series. ; ISO Viscosity Grade. ; Viscosity, ASTM D , mm2/s @ 40ºC. ; mm2/s @ ºC. ; Viscosity Index.

The EP lubricant grades correspond to ISO viscosity grades 68 to 1, EP gear oils perform well over a wide range of gear drive sizes and speeds in a. gear ratio. HOW DOES A MANUAL. TRANSMISSION WORK? SAE J (Jun ) Gear Oils. SAE. Grade. Max Temperature for a. Viscosity of ,cP. Viscosity @ °C. Equivalent Viscosity of ISO-VG Grades at 40oC and SAE Gear Lube Grades ; 46, 75W ; , 80W ; , 90 ; , 85W Available in ISO viscosity grades , , , , and SYN LUBE HD % Synthetic, ISO grade, polyalphaolefin (PAO)-based worm gear oil. “Each low temperature gear lubricant (SAE grade followed by a W) must not exceed a maximum viscosity of , cP at the temperature indicated. A ,

• Extreme Pressure [EP] → highly loaded gears [Gear Oil]. • Chlorine – Industrial gear oils use the ISO viscosity classification. • expressed.

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